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19 | Stealing Your Own Joy

Life can be tough, but thank goodness for the successes, wins, and joyful moments! Well, that’s if you can actually enjoy those moments. Too often Imposter’s Syndrome, Survivor’s Guilt, and other neuroses prevent us from basking in the great things that happen. How ’bout we stop stealing our own joy?


Audacious Woman – Chanelle John

Twenty-four year old Chanelle John is making big moves. She’s the creator of a yoga class designed specifically for Black and Brown people, and it’s the first of its kind in Boston. WBUR – Boston’s NPR News Station – featured Chanelle recently in a piece that discussed the need for creating welcoming spaces for Black and Brown folks who don’t look like the typical model yoga student: young, white, slim, and female,

Chanelle doesn’t want to stop at teaching yoga. Through her Yoga Diversity Initiative she hopes to encourage more Black and Brown folks to become yoga instructors. The initiative has given out two yoga teacher training scholarships, and provides mentorship.

To learn more about Chanelle visit her website.


Audacious Woman – Oprah Winfrey and Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes has been doing the damn thing lately. After the success of How to Get Away with Murder and deals to write and produce more hit shows, Shonda was about due for another dish session with Oprah. You’ve probably heard by now that during the interview Oprah and Shonda discussed their disinterest in marriage (if you haven’t, check out the video below).

It’s no small thing that both women have rejected traditional partnerships. Never mind broader societal pressures, there’s a lot of pressure for women in our community to “get a man”. And, there’s a lot of shit Black women catch for orienting their lives towards their careers and goals, and not towards pursuing traditional relationships. (more…)

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