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19 | Stealing Your Own Joy

Life can be tough, but thank goodness for the successes, wins, and joyful moments! Well, that’s if you can actually enjoy those moments. Too often Imposter’s Syndrome, Survivor’s Guilt, and other neuroses prevent us from basking in the great things that happen. How ’bout we stop stealing our own joy?


18 | The Prison of Building a Business or Brand

Entrepreneurship and carefully sculpted personal brands are hot right now. Jobs suck more and more, and nobody wants to be an employee. So many people are on a quest to be the next great mogul. But, as Kay learned after her foray into consulting full time, just as a shitty job can feel like a prison, so can building a business or personal brand.


What Happens When You Log Off

The last few weeks have been cray. From hosting a steady stream of impromptu house guests, connecting with potential clients, interviewing, working my gigs, coming to terms with the end of a complicated situation, and navigating the stress and family fallout from my grandfather dying, whoooo girl. It’s a lot for one person to deal with and still make time for wellness. I took a lil break.

So what happens when you decide to limit your “engagement” with non-essential people and things? Well, people fuck with your peace. Folks will hunt you down. When you don’t respond to an entitled person’s DMs they’ll message you on FB. And, when they see the little check that lets them know you saw their message and didn’t respond, they will message you again (and if you’re me, you’ll forever not respond just to be an ass). (more…)

17 | Unplugging and Tuning In to What Matters

Chances are you’ve got a lot going on. There’s all of life’s stresses, and then there’s all the extra stuff you willingly expose yourself to. We live in a media and content-heavy society folks, so every day we’re bombarded with images, words, and sounds about things that are bound to elicit emotions or sensory reactions. Sometimes the best thing you can do is tune out all the unimportant stuff that just fills empty space, and turn inward so you can focus on your life and your joy.


Episode 16 – Redefining Success after Failure

Life doesn’t go according to plan. Careers don’t launch. Dream jobs turn into your own little version of hell. Visions of marital bliss slip away with each year that someone doesn’t put a ring on it. We’ve all had our share of life “fails”. Maybe it’s time to redefine success.

Kay and special guest Bianca J. Gay have a candid conversation about what happens when shit doesn’t go according to plan, and how to redefine success based on what you want for your life.


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